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Interview with James E. Katz


In this interview communications professor James E. Katz talks about emerging media, the behaviors of consumers grazing news, and how the smartphone has played a role in this. Katz talks about the production, distribution and consumption of news and links this to previous media at their time of emergence.

James E. Katz is an American pioneer in examining social consequences of mobile technology use in everyday life. He has built a global mobile communication research network and his work informs various mobile communication studies around the world. His research explores how mobile technologies affect social interaction and what their uses reveal about human nature and organizations. Additionally, he seeks to understand what the future holds in terms of society and communication technologies, working with others to explore ways in which society can best prepare itself to make the optimal use of new developments. He is the Feld Professor of Emerging Media at Boston University’s College of Communication, where he directs its Division of Emerging Media Studies.