Oral history with Najeeb Nseir



Here Najeeb Nseir talks about the background to Syrian television writers and the importance and impact of their literary and artistic backgrounds.  He gives a background to Syrian musalsalat, some of the legal and social impacts on the industry, advertising, and how the field is changing.

Najeeb Nseir is a Syrian writer, critic and television drama scenarist. He is the writer of numerous wellknown serials, notably People in Love, Part 3 (Ahl al-Gharam, 2017) and Cello (2015), as well as Waiting (al-Intizar, 2006) and Time of Shame (Zaman al-‘Ar, 2009) with Hassan Sami Yusuf.

You can hear more from Najeeb Nseir in the Voices and Conversations publication which accompanies The World is Watching Musalsalat, available at the university Bookstore and online.

Animation by Maha Essid.