Marketing Persuasion Online


A video recording of this program is now available on the Explore Content section of this website.

Trust and relatability are powerful tools in the art of persuasion, which have been used throughout the history of advertising. With the rise of social media, the hiring of ‘influencer’s to promote products and services is becoming central to marketing strategies worldwide. The advantages for the brand and influencer are clear, but what are the ethical implications of monetizing feelings of trust, authenticity, and relatability to sell products and ideas?

In this program Mudra Mukesh, senior lecturer in marketing at the University of Sussex, UK, and Ysa Chandna, Associate Director, Client Experience at Weber Shandwick in Qatar, discuss iconic marketing campaigns from around the world. They will explore what makes them successful or not, what impact online advertising is having on our mental health, and how and where ethical lines should be drawn. The program will be moderated by Ilhem Allagui, associate professor at Northwestern Qatar.

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    Mudra Mukesh

    Mudra Mukesh is a senior lecturer in marketing at the University of Sussex, UK, and has studied and worked in India, France, Spain, China, Hong Kong, and USA. Her business experience and expertise extend to the domain of entrepreneurship and managing the development and execution of digital marketing strategy for international SMEs and start-ups. She is also interested in understanding how cognitive and social psychology can address issues and solve problems in education and addiction. Other research projects include logo design and its impact on brand evaluations.

    Ysa Chandna

    Ysa Chandna is composite of several moving parts: an active Georgetown University alumnus, a professional writer, a traveller, a scuba diver, a Kyokushin Karate and Jujitsu disciple, and a public relations specialist. In his office space at Weber Shandwick, Chandna is an associate director, focused on client-servicing with his team, directing a stream of core communications activities, and producing compelling narratives that easily endear his client’s brands to their target audiences.

    Ilhem Allagui

    Ilhem Allagui’s academic experience includes over 15 years of teaching at the University of Montreal, Canada, and the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Allagui specializes in teaching integrated marketing communication (IMC) courses. Her research interests include the social integration of new media in the Arab region, the Arab cultural industries, and IMC practices in the MENA region. Her professional experience includes work with a communication agency and for the new media industry in Montreal.